In the basement

Choices, choices...

After falling from the second story into the basement our heroes found themselves in a room with three stone doors. As they approached one of the doors a voice said “Make your choice!” This voice was recoginsed by Alieya and Abraxus Defender Of The Weak as being the voice that htey had heard in their heads before. Outside each door there was a torch in a holder; one red, one blue and one green. After some deliberation it was decided to open the blue door.
As out heroes walked through the door the flame of the torch went out and the room began to pulse with an earie blue light. It was also very cold in the room and they noticed that it was eminating from a large blue zombie ont he other side of the room. As all of them entered this zombie and the other 3 found in the room lurched forward to attack.
After a horrific fight which saw Abraxus Defender Of The Weak being taken down by the frozen Zombie our heroes were able to overcome. In the corner they found a spring of water which refreshed them, ready to continue on their way. Who know what other horrors lurk behind the other doors…



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