The Groundskeeper

He is surly and hungry...

Our adventurers continued on their way through the mist toward the manor. As much haste as they could muster they moved quickly through the graveyard in the hopes of not have more bodies rise from the dead to attack them. As they came to the black iron fence surrounding the house they saw a figure standing in front of the house. As they got closer they could see that there was two large dogs with the figure but by then it was too late.
The Groundskeeper sent his two hounds into battle immediately attacking Dracor as he was in front. Abraxus Defender Of The Weak was able to identify The Groundskeeper as a ghoul, but it was already too late for Dracor. Under all of the attacks by the hounds and the Groundskeeper Dracor was almost killed but Leethera was able to allow his body to heal enough to keep him standing. At this The Groundskeeper ordered his dogs to atttack the unfortunate Cleric (Leethera). In a blinding flash of light Leethera destroyed one of the dogs and threw the other a few yards away smoking. This was not enough though for Leethera who was knocked to the ground by the other dog and mauled into unconsciousness. Luckily Seth Nightroad and Alieya were able to finish off the ghoul and save Leethera before she expired.
We left our heroes outside the door to the Black Manor taking a well deserved rest.



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