The Rat Lord

His pets need feeding...

After a refreshing rest outside the manor our heroes decided to venture in. Surprise was decided to be the order of the day so everyone except from Dracor hid. Unfortunately he did not notice the door was trapped and got his hand trapped and crushed by the clawed door knocker. After some time Alieya was able to free him and open the door to the manor. As they went in they were confronted by a Rat-like creature which claimed to serve a “master”. Luckily they were able to identify the creature as a were-rat, but by then it was too late As our heroes prepared to fight the creature, rats poured out of the walls attacking on mass the adventurers. Desperate to get the rats off the adventurers attacked the rats but there were just too many of them. While this was happening Alieya disguised herself as a Were-rat and managed to bluff The Rat Lord into believe she was an ally.



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