Platinum Wing Temple

It is said that the great white dome of the temple can be seen from the top of the Keirik Mountains but now in this life time have been to the top to confirm this. The temple seems to be made of a white marble that has not been found anywhere else around the town of Shadowdale that does not wear or chip. No repairs have ever needed to be done to the temple.

Nobody knows the true nature of the temple but Cleric Rex often regales any who listen about the architecture of the place. The temple itself appears to date back to the Rathasharr Empire, but why there was a temple so far away from any settlement of what it’s purpose at that time have long been forgotten.

As the constant that has always been in Shadowdale it is where most domestic infrstructure is controlled from:

The Claws of the Dragon is the militia that protects the town from the external forces that would tear away at the smal becon of civilisation that has been maintained.
The clerics of Bahumut will heal all those who need aid from whereever they hail.
The Mayoral Office is run from the temple as well.

Platinum Wing Temple

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